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JL MAG RARE-EARTH CO.,Ltd. won the "Best Listed Company Board of Directors" award

On December 24th of 2021, the list of winners of the 11th China Listed Company Reputation List of the "Daily Business News" was announced, and JL MAG RARE-EARTH CO.,Ltd. was awarded the "Best Listed Company Board of Directors" award.


It has been 11 years since the Daily Economic News launched the selection of the Public Company's Public Praise List,  it continued to innovate and grasp the pulse of capital. During the 2021, China’s Listed Companies' Public Praise List considers the A-share market from multiple dimensions, looking for outstanding Chinese listed companies. In more than three months, the selection has attracted the participation and attention of thousands of online and offline investors, and hundreds of institutions representing trillions of funds actively voted.

The listed companies selected in the "2021 China Listed Companies' Public Praise List" are the most dynamic and innovative hope stars of China's economy, and they are also the essence of more than 4,000 A-share listed companies.


This award is well-deserved for the board of directors of JL MAG RARE-EARTH CO.,Ltd., which has been fully affirmed for its adherence to standardized operations and continuous improvement of comprehensive competitiveness in the long-term. The company also takes full advantage of the capital market platform to continuously optimize corporate governance and encourage sustainable and healthy development.

In the future, the board of directors of JL MAG RARE-EARTH CO.,Ltd. will continue to devote itself to creating high-level corporate governance, high-standard information disclosure and high-level investor relationship management, continuously enhancing risk resistance, continuously improving the company’s profitability, and creating greater value for shareholders.

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